Development of a Pollutant Tracking Model for the Mitigation of Mercury-Induced Contamination on Surface and Ground Water Resources

The Okame river in Tiira, Busia district was an important source of water for different uses to the people living around it. However, because of the gold mining activities, the current status of the river is very critical from environmental, and commercial usage point of view. Henceforth, this research work focused on assessing the current situation using different scenarios such as climate change. Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP), a numerical simulation tool, was used to model river water quality using scenarios viz. business as usual (BAU) and scenario with mitigation measures.

An Integrated Socio-Hydrological Assessment of the Flood Risk Causal-Effect Drivers’ Relationships and Management Approaches Within the Nyamwamba Catchment

With the prevalent flooding within Kasese Municipality as a result of River Nyamwamba bursting its banks in every rainy season currently, a number of hydrological studies have been conducted. However, the suggested mitigations had not improved the situation because the suffering communities had been left out during solution generation. This study looked at community involvement from the problem identification to solution implementation as well as addressing the gaps in the policy arrangements as far as flood management is concerned in the region

Connecting the Riparian Communities Around Rapid Bio-assessment of Pollution in the Osia Stream in Tororo, Eastern Uganda
Image Threats arising from human activities currently affect freshwater bodies, such as headwater streams, and will continue to threaten them in the future, depriving current and future generations of natural resources and services. Among the headwater streams threatened by pollution arising from human activities in the catchment is the Osia stream in Tororo, eastern Uganda.
Fabrication Of Lithium-Ion Batteries For Electric Vehicle And Rechargeable Batteries For Energy Storage Using Locally Available Materials In Uganda

Through the President's Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Office, the Government of Uganda has championed the development of the domestic automotive value chain for job and wealth creation through the commercialization of electric vehicles under Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC). Other private companies, such as Uganda Zembo electric motorcycles and Bodawerk electric motorcycles, are involved in assembling and selling electric motorcycles.

Developing New Master of Science, MSc., and Doctorate, PhD., in Mathematics Programmes

The Department of Mathematics at Busitema university has one of its mandates as to teach and conduct reasearch in Mathematics and its applications Science, Technology, Engineering and Industry. The department of Mathematics finds it prudent to intervene in  contributing to the enhacement of research capacity in research in Mathematics. Some of the immediate interventional measures that have been identified are development of new mathematics programs at Master and doctoral levels.